Graduate Members

The AIA is offering a complimentary membership for all individuals who have graduated during the current school year. In order to participate, you must provide a copy of your diploma and meet the criteria outlined below.

You may apply as a Recent Graduate if you:

·         Participate in career responsibilities recognized by licensing authorities as constituting credit toward licensure (intern)

·         Work in a professional capacity under the supervision of an architect

·         Hold a professional degree in architecture

Once your application is accepted, your membership will be in good standing until December 31, 2014.

The National component of the AIA offers complimentary memberships to graduates of accredited schools of architecture. Because the AIA is a three-tiered organization, you are also required to become a member of a local and state component.

Some local and state components charge a small fee to cover the cost of their monthly meetings. Please contact the AIA North Carolina at (919) 833-6656 to find out which component you are eligible to join and what fees, if any, are applicable.

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