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September Webinar- Live: Architectural Fire-rated Glazing: An Application Guide

September O.W.L.S. Topic:

Architectural Fire-rated Glazing: An Application Guide

Sponsored by: Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

Intro to fire-rated glazing: Health, safety, and welfare remain a fundamental aspect of building design practices. Incorporating fire-rated glass products provides creative design options while adhering to current model building codes. The new generation of fire-rated products is available in larger sizes that can withstand a fire for longer periods of time, and many fire-rated products can provide high impact safety rating, solar control, sound reduction, bullet resistance and hurricane impact safety, to name only a few multi -functional features. This course will define categories of fire rated glass products, as well as the related test standards and current building code requirements for specifying architectural fire-rated glazing.

Learning Units: 1.5 HSW

Cost: Free for Members
$35 for Non-Members

Speaker Biography

Scott Fox  brings  over 30 years’ of knowledge and  experience from  building material sales. He has interacted in all levels of the building material sales channel ranging from retail to distribution and manufacturing.

Starting last April Scott has been covering the Southeast region for Vetrotech Saint-Gobain. He works with six independent representative groups in the region. They primarily focus on the architectural and glazing communities to aid in fire rated specification and code interpretation. He is proud to be a member of Vetrotech Saint-Gobain who is seen as  the world leader in high-performance security and fire-resistant glass manufacturing. Vetrotech Satin-Gobain  delivers glazing solutions of optimal quality and advanced functionality for all building and marine applications. With a huge range of additional options providing ultimate comfort and functionality. It is worthy of note that the Saint- Gobain company started as a glass manufacturer in France and is now proudly celebrating its 350 year anniversary!