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O.W.L.S. April Webinar- Live: Better BIM Workflows

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Are you creating your design in 3D software and your construction documentation in 2D CAD? Or are you guilty of to starting your design in an “easy to use” 3D modeling program for conceptual design and then having to recreate he project in anew in 3D BIM software? Architecture firms often use these inefficient software work-arounds in their design process as a crutch because they haven’t fully embraced streamlined BIM workflow. These alternate methods, may get the job done, but ultimately result in lost revenue and time by causing you to duplicate work, and a process that complicates the integration of mechanical and structural systems during the design phases. And, none of these methods enables clients to see and understand the project in full 3D with actual material choices all the way through the process.

Learning Units: 1.5 HSW
Cost: Free for Members
$35 for Non-Members