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April Webinar- Live: Understanding Active and Passive Floodproofing Options for Non-Residential Buildings

April O.W.L. Topic: 
Understanding Active and Passive Floodproofing Options for Non-Residential Buildings in a Special Flood Hazard Area

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Floodproofing measures are required for all buildings located in a FEMA floodplain. This course identifies the effects of hydrostatic pressure on building sustainability and explains dry and wet floodproofing techniques utilized to mitigate against flood damage. A review of the liability associated with each floodproofing option is provided. Relevant FEMA regulations, ICC building codes, and ASCE 24 are reviewed. The course provides an in depth analysis of active and passive floodproofing options and the effect each of these options have on a design. Case studies will demonstrate how to effectively incorporate floodproofing techniques in projects.

Learning Units: 1.5 HSW

Cost: Free for Members
$35 for Non-Members

Speaker Biography

Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw has studied the science of flood mitigation for over 7 years, with a concentration in proper foundation flood venting techniques to ensure resilient structures. He analyzes the role of building compliance in securing lower flood insurance rates and what mitigation solutions are available to properties. His experience has been working with all the parties involved in floodplain design, build, and habitation including Architects, Building and Code Officials, Contractors, Engineers, Floodplain Managers, Homeowners, Insurance Agents, Property Managers, Realtors, and Surveyors. He is a Certified Floodplain Manager and works closely with community officials on floodplain-related issues. Brian has achieved CEU course approval in many states for professional organizations and travels the country attending conferences and seminars presenting continuing education courses to various professionals on FEMA Regulations, NFIP Requirements, Building Codes, and proper floodplain construction. As the current Director of Sales and Marketing for Smart Vent Products, Inc. (, Brian prides himself on contributing to the corporate mission to reduce the risk associated with flooding though education.