Emerging Professionals:

Do you want a chance to attend the National Convention in Chicago this year? Tweet @AIAFEL2014 and let them know what you want to learn about at this year's conference for a chance to win a $1000 stipend to help offset your Convention expenses. 


The AIA Board of Directors Class of 2013 chose as its name The Original 13 from the 13 Architects, led by Richard Upjohn, who founded the AIA in 1857. We took our class name from the tradition of the past but we are all about looking to the future.

We care deeply about future generations of architects – and leaders – and want to join hands with Emerging Professionals to frame a future for our profession.


Enough about us – we want to know about you! In fact, we want to meet you at the AIA Convention this June in Chicago. We are offering five fellowships in the amount of $1,000 each so that you can join us at Convention, expand your career horizons and look to the future.


Send us a Tweet of Interest to tell us what you hope to learn by attending the Convention as an Emerging Leader. Our Class will review your Tweets and select ten finalists. These finalists will be asked to write and submit a more detailed narrative of their aspirations. Five Fellowship Recipients will be selected on the basis of their narratives.

Each Fellowship Recipient will be paired with two Class of 2013 Board Directors during the Convention and will receive a $1,000 stipend to offset expenses. We will help each Fellowship Recipient realize his/her aspirations at Convention; we want to get to know you personally with the hope of forming lasting relationships. After Convention we will ask you to report on your experiences to share with other Emerging Leaders. 

The Fellowship for Emerging Leaders include students, associate, and young architects. 

Tweet of Interest

Tweet your "Tweet of Interest" @AIAFEL2014 and #2014FEL 
The Tweet period is open from April 9th - April 22nd
Finalists will be notified Arpil 29th
Recipients will be selected by May 15th

AIA National Convention

June 26-28, 2014
Chicago, Illinois

AuthorKeri Dixon