Looking to add design instruction to your curriculum, but you don't know where to start? Here's the place!

Arch Careers

Archcareers.org is a gateway that will introduce you to the steps required to become an architect - the "Three E's" of architecture will be your guide: Education, Experience, and Examination. Did you know that architects are licensed professionals just like doctors? They are. You must satisfy all the "Three E's" to call yourself an "Architect." 

This web site will also give you an overview to the varied and diverse paths to a career in architecture and of the requirements for registration. You can use this information to help students understand more about the profession - and what they will need to prepare for a career in the field.

The American Architectural Foundation

The AAF educates individuals and communities about the power of architecture to transform lives and improve the places where we live, learn, work, and play. Through outreach programs, grants, scholarships and educational resources, AAF inspires people to become thoughtful and engaged stewards of the built environment. Learn More>>


The A+DEN (Architecture + Design Education Network) website serves as a resource for K- 12 architecture + design educators, school teachers and administrators, design professionals and community members interested in the design process and the built environment as means to enrich the student learning experience. Learn More>>


The American Institute of Architects has great resources for teachers and students:

"How Design Works" website: http://howdesignworks.aia.org 
Learn about the architectural process, and see clients and architects discuss their relationships and the process that led to their finished projects.

AIA Bookstore - Kids!
The AIA Bookstore has a great selection of books and toys for children!https://aia-timssnet.uapps.net/timssnet/products/tnt_products.cfm