We reported to you earlier this week that the House Regulatory Reform Committee would have a discussion meeting on HB 590. That meeting occurred on Wednesday and it's clear that the interior designers have plenty of support on this House panel.

As we stated in our earlier communication, the interior designers intend to carve out a piece of traditional architectural practice for their benefit. AIA has had a long-standing policy against the adoption of practice acts for interior designers. As such, AIA North Carolina is bound to this policy and has made our position very clear to the sponsor of the bill and the Committee members.

This bill only gets stopped or significantly amended if legislators in the House of Representatives hear from you now! Every House member needs to be educated about this bill.

Here's a link on how to find your House member:  


We have added a number of resources for you to view that will inform you about the AIA's position on interior designer licensing:

1) AIA North Carolina's opposition letter
2) The interior designers talking points
3) AIA North Carolina's rebuttal to the IDs talking points

We emplore all our members to take action now!

AuthorDavid Crawford