House Bill 590, the bill giving Interior Designers the right to seal construction drawings was approved last evening by the NC House and now heads to the Senate where Interior Designers have already gained enough support to receive passage into law.  However, that discussion has not yet begun in the Senate Chamber and there is still time for AIA members to join this educational effort.

Five members of the Board of Directors and Seven members from around North Carolina  answered the call to come to Raleigh this past week to oppose the House bill, and many more members sent emails to their representatives.  

One learning from this experience with House members was that emails are not read, typically until the day the bill is calendared for session.  And on that day, as was the case yesterday, the legislators cover a dozen bills and several dozen amendments, calling into question the value of anything less than a personal meeting with legislators.  They do however get their direction from their caucus, the influence of lobbyists and sometimes the opinions of their constituents. 

To that end, please plan to come to CfAD for a meeting on 

June 13 at 9:00 A.M.

where we will cover the bill and our response to it.  Following this, at 11:00 A.M. we will go to the legislature to meet with Senators.  For as much as we know now, they will likely go into Session at 2:00 P.M.  We recommend every architect call their Senator and advise you would like to meet with them on that day between 11 A.M. and 2 P.M. 

Also, please invite members you know from the engineering professions who can speak to the necessary coordinate of construction documents, which will be overlooked by Interior Designers not skilled in the integration of building systems.  From the statement of one legislator, architects need to get the engineers to come with them, since they do not know who architects are. 

To view HB 590 go to NCLEG.NET and look up HB 590.  Also, you can get the name of your Senator from the site if you are not already aware.  

Lastly, we need to give special thanks to members who came to the legislature to oppose this bill. They include Brandy Thompson, Mike Cincala, Elizabeth Caliendo,  Jim Compton,  Lynn Dunn, Sasha Berghausen, Catherine Monroe, Shannon Rydell, Erin Sterling-Lewis, Dave Liberatore, Richard Alsop and Erica Unger who brought along her 21 month old son, Eli, for his first legislative experience.  Additional help was provided by William Rakatansky and Hunt McKinnon who worked on technical issues associated with licensure qualifications for Interior Designers.  

AuthorKeri Dixon
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