The American Institute of Architects has a long-standing policy of supporting the promotion of human and civil rights, the universal respect for human dignity, and the unbiased treatment of all persons in employment, civic, and business transactions. Further, we support the full integration of rights for the LGBT community into our non-discrimination laws at all levels of government and recognize the right of any individual to self identify their own gender with the belief that everyone has the right to live, work and play in a built environment that is safe and secure, which includes public our restrooms. 
House Bill 2, which in a single day became law, was portrayed as protection for the safety of women and children in our public restrooms and schools, when in fact, the concern for safety which everyone shares, should have been a component of a comprehensive, thoughtful work of legislation that took into consideration the rights and needs of everyone.

Due to the climate of exclusion created in the state of North Carolina by HB 2, and in light of the recent Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on the provision of equal access to restrooms for all students, we join the growing chorus of citizens and entities and call for the judicious and timely repeal of HB 2 in North Carolina as soon as the General Assembly convenes this week. We ask lawmakers to engage in further dialogue and legislate a more equitable solution that takes into account the needs of all persons in North Carolina.

Without such action the AIA South Atlantic Region must, for principle and business reasons, relocate its upcoming conference in September from Wilmington to another location in our Region outside of North Carolina.

The AIA is committed to designing solutions and working through legislative processes and Building Code adoption to ensure we can provide true equal access to public restroom facilities for all. And it is also our commitment to press for open discussion, which includes addressing the needs of everyone as we make our laws.

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