Make your plans now to join AIA North Carolina and our strategic partners in the North Carolina Recovery Coalition--Carolinas AGC, ACEC NC, and PENC-- for the 2016 NC Legislative Day in Raleigh, May 11.  

Join your peers from the design and construction community as we show our strength as an industry to members of the NC General Assembly, as well as spend time face-to-face with influential state legislators.

Priority Issues for 2016:

Thank the General Assembly for the Connect NC Bonds, Reinstatement of Historic Preservation Tax Credits & Transportation Funding - Last year the General Assembly authorized, and the voters passed, the $2 billion Connect NC Bonds; it reauthorized historic preservation tax credits and expanded transportation funding in the state by more than $300 million a year. We want to make sure members of the Legislature are properly thanked for attending to these important design and construction needs for North Carolina.

Public Buildings Repair & Renovation and Long-tern Strategic Infrastructure Funding- Investing in essential repair of our public buildings and ensuring the strategic investment in future infrastructure ensures an immediate impact in design and construction employment, long-term job creation, and growing existing businesses. Learn more on the Cost of Moving Forward here. 

Maintain the Integrity of the State Transportation Investment Act, Pass HB 988 - Last year's state budget contained a provision to remove the funding for the Durham-Orange Light Rail Line. The move puts in jeopardy the balanced and strategic approach to transportation funding that was instituted three years ago when the State Transportation Investment Act was passed. Learn more about the STI here.

Events Details

Date: May 11, 2016

Cost: Free

Location: Begins at AIA NC Center for Architecture & Design

14 East Peace Street

Raleigh, NC 27604

Schedule of Events:

10:30 am: Registration @ CfAD

11:00 am: Leg Briefing & Legislator Presentations @ CfAD

12:00 pm: Lunch @ the Lt. Governors Office

1:00 pm: Appoints with Legislators

5:30 pm: CAGC Triangle District Networking Event @ Busy
               Bee Cafe

                   (separate registration here. For a $25 discount use the
                    promotional code "TRIBB2016" at checkout.) 

Find Your House and Senate Representatives


This year we will be making a concerted effort to match each legislator with a member of AIA who lives in their district in hopes of building long- term relationships. We want our legislators to have access to reliable information about issues associated with the built environment and know our members are among the best resources available.  Your participation this year is very important towards that goal. When you register for the day you will be asked to list your House and Senate representatives. The link below will allow you to find them.

Who Represents Me?

 Register Now 



AuthorDavid Crawford

Due to the climate of exclusion created in the state of North Carolina by HB 2, and in light of the recent Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on the provision of equal access to restrooms for all students, we join the growing chorus of citizens and entities and call for the judicious and timely repeal of HB 2 in North Carolina as soon as the General Assembly convenes this week. We ask lawmakers to engage in further dialogue and legislate a more equitable solution that takes into account the needs of all persons in North Carolina.

Without such action the AIA South Atlantic Region must, for principle and business reasons, relocate its upcoming conference in September from Wilmington to another location in our Region outside of North Carolina.

AuthorDavid Crawford

As usual the Legislature has been busy and as we reached the figurative half-way point of the 2015 session let's take a quick look at some of the items affecting the design & construction community.

AuthorDavid Crawford

Make your plans now to join AIA North Carolina and our strategic partners in the North Carolina Recovery Coalition--Carolinas AGC, ACEC NC, and PENC-- for the 2014 NC Legislative Day in Raleigh, March 25.  

AuthorDavid Crawford

Last year the NC Recovery Coalition (AIA, AGC, PENC, ACEC) made its primary legislative agenda state building repair and renovation and infrastruture investment. The campaign was entitled "The Cost of Doing Nothing." A detailed analysis shows that through the state's maintenance neglect, North Carolina is actually wasting over $600 million a year by forestalling needed repairs and renovation.

AuthorDavid Crawford

When asked of his political affiliation, Will Rogers famously said, "I am not a member of any organized political party, I am a Democrat." On another occasion when asked to explain the differences in the American political parties he said, "Democrats never agree on anything, that's why they're Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they'd be Republicans." 

Oh my how things have changed!

AuthorDavid Crawford

Last week we informed you that three important issues to the design & construction community were left to be resolved by the General Assembly before they adjourned for the remainder of the year. At that time we asked for your help in informing your legislators about these issues. Since the Legislature adjourned - sort of - for the year (see the last post in this blog) we wanted to give you an update on where these issues stand.

AuthorDavid Crawford


You've seen the press accounts about the NC General Assembly clumsily working its way to a resolution on the budget. Both chambers are making moves to indicate that the end of the "short" session is near and a deal may be close to wrap up this year's legislative activity.

While most of the media attention has been focused on teacher pay and medicaid reform, a number of other items have found their way to the finish line that need the attention of the design & construction community.

With all three of the following issues, time is of the essence. Many legislators are indicating that there is only one week left before they leave Raleigh for the year.

AuthorDavid Crawford

Make your plans now to join AIA North Carolina and our strategic partners in the North Carolina Recovery Coalition, Carolinas AGC, ACEC NC, and PENC for the 2014 NC Legislative Day in Raleigh, May 28.  

AIANC Legislative Day and Luncheon

Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Locations and Times:

  • AIA NC Center for Architecture & Design Check-in and Leg Briefing: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
  • North Carolina General Assembly Legislative Visits: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • AIA NC Center for Architecture & Design (Legislative Luncheon): 12:30 pm – 2 pm

Registration Deadline: Register online here before Friday, May 16

Cost: Free for AIA North Carolina Members

AuthorDavid Crawford

On Tuesday March 11, the North Carolina Building Code Council voted 9-6 to institute a 6-year building code adoption cycle ditching our present 3-year cycle. The action included an exception for the National Electrical Code (NEC), which the Council agreed to keep on a 3-year track.

AIA North Carolina has released a letter in opposition to the pending action in the North Carolina Building Code Council to increase the code cycle to 6 years.

AuthorDavid Crawford