In March 2015 the Building Code Council authorized the use of the new NC Existing Building Code. At the same time they authorized a three-year phase in of the code as designers transition from using the NC Rehab Code.

AIA North Carolina requested that the phase in be conducted so that architects and owners could fully vet the new Existing Building Code against the old NC Rehab Code. During this three year period, AIANC agreed to collect from its members, comments on the differences between the two codes that could help to harmonize the new Existing Building Code with provision from the Rehab Code. We want to make sure that helpful provisions from the Rehab Code haven't been overlooked or excluded from the new code.

We have created this page as an open blog for members to share their experiences with the new and old code and give feedback that we can then share with the Building Code Council before the phase out of the Rehab Code in 2018.

Feel free to share your comments and experiences in the comments section below. You can also email your thoughts and/or comments to AIANC Executive Vice President David Crawford at


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