(The following message is from Myrick Howard, President of Preservation North Carolina.)

The extension of rehab tax credits were not in the Senate bill, so we MUST get them into the House bill.  That bill will be finalized by the end of the week, and the word is that representatives aren’t hearing from the preservation community.

Please call your member of the House today and express your support for the historic rehab credits as contained in the governor’s budget (pages 107-112).  That means YOU!  (No, not the person looking over your shoulder.)  YOU!  Go to www.ncleg.net for contact information.

Hair on fire doesn’t work with our legislators.  Neither does a prepared script with statistics, blah, blah, blah.  Your own calm and rational statement about how the tax credits have worked in your community or in your business will make a big difference.  TODAY or TOMORROW, at the latest.

We will lose this tool that dates back to 1993 if we don’t mobilize today.  Please help!

(AIANC's briefing paper on the historic preservation tax credits.)

AuthorDavid Crawford