(4-29-2015) The Senate past SB 330 today. The bill would required all school districts in the state to authorize certain change orders on K-12 school construction projects. A two-tier system for districts, one where districts have done $50 million plus in construction during the last 5 years and another for districts under $50 million, would be required to review and approve change orders of more than $100,000 and $25,000 respectively.

While AIA continues to oppose any policies that have the potential to slow up the construction process, we have worked with the bill's sponsor, freshman Senator Tom McInnis from Rockingham, NC, to clarify the architects role under new procedures created by the bill.

The measure now moves over to the House where there is more opportunity for design and construction professionals to educate their representatives about the potential for school construction delays. 

AuthorDavid Crawford