Three lawmakers -- two Republicans and a Democrat -- on Tuesday filed a bill to repeal the sunset dates of the state's film incentives and historic preservation tax credits, though a fight over the fate of both is expected in coming weeks. Without legislative action this session, the film and historic preservation credits expire at the end of this year. House Bill 1142 was sponsored by Reps. Ted Davis, R-New Hanover, Frank Iler, R-Brunswick and Susi Hamilton, D-New Hanover. Hamilton said she wants the incentives and tax credits extended beyond 2014 without changes, though some Republican leaders have said they would only support them going forward with a significant rewrite, particularly when it comes to the film incentives. But Hamilton said that's not necessary. "It's not broken; it does not need to be fixed," she said.

Though it garnered bipartisan support, its fate is uncertain as some Republican leaders in the GOP-controlled General Assembly have called for a re-examination of the tax credits, and others have suggestion elimination of the tax credits as part of a dramatic reworking of the tax code. Last week, Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker said a "significant structural change" is in store of the film incentives. Wilmington and other area agencies have tagged extension of the film incentives and historic preservation tax credits as top priorities for the region during this year's short legislative session. (Molly Parker, WILMINGTON STAR-NEWS, 5/20/14).

AuthorDavid Crawford