HB 1224 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Finance Committee on Monday evening and  the American Institute of Architect's opposes the bill as it is currently drafted.

While transportation and education are two very important issues facing local governments, they are not the only needs and services our local governments manage in their pursuit to provide livable communities. We find HB 1224 severely limiting right now.

Two weeks ago the Governor signed HB 1043, which among other things, created a Blue Ribbon Commission to review the state's long-term building infrastructure needs and recommend funding alternatives to address those needs. It is anticipated that the local sales tax will be one of the funding mechanisms to be studied. HB 1224 would preemptively eliminate the inclusion of local sales tax in this broad study of how the state can best serve its long-term building needs.

This study Commission was the priority item for the North Carolina Recovery Coalition (AIA, AGC, PENC & ACEC) for this legislative session and a focal piece for our joint legislative day in May. We believe its important for this Commission to study all of our funding mechanisms and not let HB 1224 undermine its work before it even gets started.

AuthorDavid Crawford