Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill on Monday that authorizes approximately $376 million of improvements that will directly benefit students at six University of North Carolina (UNC) institutions. Funds to pay for these projects will come from various fees, receipts, grants and fund raising income and not from tuition or taxpayer monies appropriated by the General Assembly.

The capital projects in the bill the governor signed today are East Carolina, UNC-Chapel Hill North Carolina State, UNC-Asheville, Western Carolina, and UNC-Charlotte.

“These building projects will improve learning and living conditions for our students," Governor McCrory said. “Additionally, they will help create new jobs for North Carolina construction and architectural firms.”

At East Carolina, $156 million will be spent improving the Student Union building, the Health Sciences Campus Student Services Building and constructing a new parking structure.

At UNC-Charlotte, $129 million will be spent building a new residence hall, renovating four residence halls and building various infrastructure ranging from roads to wireless connectivity.

Reynolds Coliseum at NC State will get a $35 million facelift. Approximately $32 million in upgrades will be made at the Manning Drive Chilled Water Plant at UNC-Chapel Hill. The Brown Building at Western Carolina will be renovated and enlarged at a cost of $22.5 million and approximately $1 million will be invested in improvements at the Student recreation Center and the Karl Straus Track Building and UNC-Asheville.

House Bill 1182 was sponsored by Reps. Bill Brawley, Nathan Ramsey, Brian Brown and Rodney Moore.

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AuthorDavid Crawford