In opposition to House Bill 858, the Interior Designer License Bill, AIANC is mounting an extensive initiative to reach legislators in both the House and Senate. H590, the predecessor bill from 2017-2018 passed overwhelmingly in the House and this fact is being touted by proponents of H858 who see passage of this bill clearly within their grasp. No doubt, another large win in the House will certainly give them leverage in the Senate.  

The difference this year is that we have more eyes on the ball with members from all sections agreeing to meet with, writing to and calling legislators to oppose this bill. Or do we?

We are going to find out, starting this Wednesday when members of AIA converge at CfAD at 10:00 AM for a short review of presentation materials and then take a short walk to the legislative offices.  

This same scene will be repeated each Wednesday through the end of June, from 10:00am -2:00pm or until we have personally visited each of the 170 Legislators in the North Carolina House and Senate.  It cannot be overstated that your help is essential. So please plan to attend at least one of these Wednesday Legislative Days.  May 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26.  Time is of the essence. We need to stop this bill in the House. We need your help!

If you cannot join us this Wednesday, can you spare fifteen minutes of your time right now to write an email? Our key talking points are provided below, and we have a link to supporting documents if you want to include those. Cut and paste, or add your own comments.  If you are not certain whether your legislators from last year were re-elected, in less than two minutes you can look them up by going to and follow link on top bar to “District Representation.”  

Please blind copy me on your email so that I can track which legislators have been contacted.

Many thanks for helping in this critically important matter.

Richard Alsop, AIA

AIANC Director of Advocacy (please copy me at this email address)

A special thanks to the following persons who are serving as Liaisons to AIANC Advocacy: Tripp Anderson, AIA (Asheville), David Murray,AIA (Charlotte); Micah Martin, AIA (Triad); Shermin Ata, AIA (Piedmont); Jim Compton, AIA (Triangle); Hunt McKinnon, AIA (Eastern), Charles Boney, FAIA (Wilmington).

Background Documents on HB 858:

1) HB 858 Key Facts

2) Case Against HB 858 blueprint

3) Qualifications & Competency ID Claims Rebutted

4) Design Services vs. Competencies 858

5) Map of Interior Designer States

6) NCIDQ Exam Eligibility

7) NCIDQ Qualified Work

8) AXP Guidelines

AuthorDavid Crawford