The North Carolina House is set to take a final vote on a measure, HB 201, that will allow building renovations and additions to use the 2009 NC Energy Code rather than the current 2012 Code.

The measure does not limit the size of the renovation or addition leaving a gapping hole in the exemption for very large, new construction, to be considered under the HB 201 addition definition.

With the passage in March by the Building Code Council of the new 2015 NC Existing Building Code, we're fairly confident that most existing building renovations will choose that code route as an alternative to the 2012 suite of codes, but the ability of ALL additions to revert back to the 2009 energy code opens the door for major abuse.

AIA offered amendments to the bill on the Senate side that would have limited additions to new construction under 20,000 square feet. This was based on language adopted in 2007 for energy efficiency for state construction projects under Senate Bill 668. This proposal was rejected for HB 201.

All indications are that the House will go along with the Senate version of the bill today when it will be heard on a concurrence vote during the House session at 2 pm.

AuthorDavid Crawford