Yes, this is still hanging out there, and as the budget negotiations have dragged on, we are fearful that legislators in both chambers have forgotten that this is a critical piece of the budget bill and can't be forgotten in the rush to the end of session.
You've done a great job so far with the multiple alerts we've sent, but it's time your Senators and House Representatives hear from you again!
We have gotten the best results from the personal stories you've told about the historic buildings you've brought back from decay through the use of the Historic Tax Credits. Please continue to discuss the jobs and economic development associated with these revitalized historic buildings.
Ask your elected officials to support Governor McCrory's proposal for a successor program to the Historic Tax Credits -- the Historic Rehabilitation Investment Program -- to continue investments in preserving our historic buildings. Details can be found in this presentation and in this summary. This is the version included in the House Budget.

Legislator contact information can be found at

AuthorDavid Crawford